In my spare time, I like reading, drawing, watching anime, writing and playing Professor Layton.

I like to read a variety of books, my favourite genres are historical fiction, mystery and speculative fiction. My favourite books are

I like drawing manga and some still life. I admire many different types of artists such as from Audrey Flack to Yoshihiro Togashi.

My favourite anime is Hunter X Hunter. It follows the story of a young boy looking for his father. He has many adventures and meets many people along the way. I think that the main character, Gon, is an excellent role model, he tries his hardest at anything he does, even setting impossible goals. An example, when he has a four week limit to improve, instead he says he will do it within one week, and it it later revealed, that for a professional, it would take six months. I admire his determination and sense of justice, I hope that one day, I can be like that too.